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Today the word fitness is familiar to everyone. Thousands of people are engaged in fitness, write and argue about it, someone makes money and career on it, someone dedicates to fitness his spare time, and someone sarcastically quips. But it is hardly possible today to ignore this reality of our lives or underestimate the tremendous role played by fitness in modern society.

The cornerstone of fitness is human health. Of course, fitness is, first of all, one of the most popular types of physical activity. The secret of popularity of fitness lies in the fact that the goal of all fitness programs is not to achieve high results but a desire to help people make their lifestyle healthy. All fitness programs are based on the principle of safety and maximum benefit for your health. And this is not an empty rhetoric but the practice of coaches, athletes, doctors, psychologists and other representatives of a number of related specialties accumulated over the years. Thus, fitness synthesized many years of experience of leading specialists of different fields, all those who have to care about human health and wellbeing.

Fitness challenge is to inculcate a taste for a full life with joy, motion, energy, beauty, youth and the ability to discover new horizons. What does this mean?

The biggest achievement in cultural development of the twentieth century is understanding the primacy of the individual and recognition of value, uniqueness and infinity of the internal space of each human. Being engaged in fitness, a person gets an opportunity not only to improve a body, but above all, improve the individual and search for spiritual harmony with both external and internal world. A desire to understand and develop human nature through his or her identity and significance was inherent in the concept of fitness. Understanding and acceptance of yourself, in return, gives rise to a new relationship with the world, optimistic and cheerful attitude, the desire for creativity, confidence in your strength, the desire to win and focus on success.

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The world of fitness is a unity of body, mind and soul.

Probably not by accident phrases like "I am fond of fitness", "fitness is my hobby" sound so unnaturally. Fitness as a phenomenon goes beyond hobby, passion or some kind of temporary employment, because it is a completely new positive approach to the formation of your life and yourself.

It should be noted that fitness is also a certain aesthetic. Music, game, creativity, harmoniously mixed up together, make fitness a sparkling holiday, a light, joyous and affirmative beautiful action. Fitness opposes faith in an active and vibrant life to anguish and sadness. Every human is beautiful by nature. You only have to wish to see it, and the world will be transformed, because, forming yourself, you are also forming the surrounding reality, every time claiming the beauty and harmony.

So, what is fitness?

Fitness is:

* Health
* Wellbeing
* Safety
* Movement
* Energy
* Youth
* Self-improvement
* Human personality
* Harmony
* Creativity
* Game
* Optimism
* Joy
* Confidence
* Creation
* Unity

This series of words can be continued, but it is important that continuation is your own, because the best way to understand what is at stake is do a step over a threshold and try to see yourself in all the above.